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Boost your business with EMC

EMC wants good business to become great. We will use coaching and consulting, involve our additional resources when needed. EMC will involve media to scale this up even quicker. Those watching business transformations accomplished by Companies and EMC in real time, will be able to get some of the hints and tools demonstrated, implement them immediately.
Project description:

+ We select 5 industries to apply changes and increase revenue / scale
+ EMC experts conduct 360 checkup of a business
o Price
o Product / service quality, packaging …
o Promotion
o Operations
o Service
o Cost
o Team
o Management
+ The check up and coaching processes are taken on video
Interview with the owners, managers and team taken
+ Publicity made
o 5-6 hour online video or
o An hour a day on TV or youtube channel
+During one month we visit buisiness, adjust the performance

Profit and benefits
Business gets revenue increase
Advertiser gets publicity and product consumption increase
The media partner gets a valuable content for the channel

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We are open for:
  • coaching and consulting requests from business
  • TV / internet channels who want to broadcast the project
  • advertisers
  • media partners
  • bloggers, promoters
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