Universal Business Hub

Import and Export

Capital,Goods & Services

What we do:

1. Create business connections between and among the business, between business and investment

2. Accomplish the escrow. Means we may accomplish control over transactions using our accounts

3. Legally support transactions and partnerships (contracts, licenses, certificates, patents…)

4. Help with establishing partners, selecting and hiring representatives

5. Support with GR where possible

6. Advise / help with USP development and with marketing in general. We have a highly skilled and experienced team onboard

7. Advise / help with investor relations, starting from potential investor analysis and up to a pitch development and even representing the company to investors

You may choose Full Membership in the Hub or the Associate one

You may check the two options and select the one best suiting your needs.
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Associate member
Full member
Membership fee
8 000 USD
Listing in Hub projects list
4 international events a year
2000 USD each
Local partner search and establishment, 5 rcountries
2000 USD each
International legal support
200 USD per hour
10 hours Included
Consulting, coaching, advising on regional pecularities
200 USD per hour
10 hours Included
Marketing materials presence in the Hub offices
100 USD per office
Buyers / Sellers / Partners due diligence
1000 USD per request
10 checks included
*Listing in Hub supported projects list is subject to preliminary DD research by the Hub team
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We only disclose information to the third parties if this is absolutey required to accomplish your reuest. Your personal data will be lept confidential, unless other preliminaarily agreed with you
Universal Business Hub
We are a multinational, cross-countries business hub with:
+ 30 representatives in 30 countries
+ Headquarter team consisting of highest level professionals in law, coaching, business operations, marketing, blockchain, finance and investor relations
+ Close partnership with Elmar Malikov Company
+ Close patnership with Cantaka Nusantara
+ Close partnership with Nirvaana Club
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We are open for partnerships, new representative offices. Please fill in the short form below and we will contact you back as soon as possible.
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