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Check your business 360 with us. Tune your mindset, get the knowledge and skills.
Develop your business with the advice and the touch of the best international coaches and business experts
Getting ready to start business
  • Product / service concept development
  • Market research, copmpetitor and customer analysis
  • Marketing materials creation - corporate branding, namng, website, printed materials
  • Mindset tuning - entrepreneur, leader
  • Unique selling proposal development
Starting business
  • Company establishment
  • Product / service concept fine-tuning
  • Sales strategy development and implementation
  • Entrepreneur mindset fine-tuning
  • Managerial skills development
Operations development, fine-tuning, marketing
  • Partnerships creation
  • Strategy fine tuning ·
  • Processes analysis and update
  • Mindset enforcement·
  • 3 year vision and action plan development
  • Coaching basic skills and knowledge development
Business scaling
  • Business scaling vision development start to be implemented ·
  • Leadership skills raising to higher standard ·
  • Needed automation thought up ·
  • Leaders start to be developed in the team ·
  • KPI established ·
  • Team coaching skills built in
Fund raising, exit strategy, trouble shooting
  • Partnerships enforcement
  • Fund raising starting
  • Presentation skills built in
  • Public speaker mindset and skills built in
  • Leadership skills raised next level
  • Revenue doubled

Elmar Malikov

Program and methodics author
"Create the business you are passionate about. The business which makes you jump out most convenient bed every morning"
Elmar Malikov
Program and methodics author
"Create the business you are passionate about. The business which makes you jump out most convenient bed every morning"
What are your expected results?
You are confident, have a leader, achiever mindset
- You are what you believe you are. Others reflect only your vision about yourself
You have basic knowledge on laws, accounting, HR
- Even though most of the functions are done by the team or outsourced you still need to have basic understanding to speak the same language to your team, establish and check results
You are able to produce a sound business plan
- You can always outsource prepaing one, yet most successful businesses are built when CEO writes the business plan himself
You can speak to public, the team, partners, competitors...
Rhetorics knowledge and practice, negotiation tecniques, direct and indirect suggestions and much more are the tools you get equipped with
Prices include all 5 steps
10% discount for payments proceeded before December 25
Payments at the day of training +20% to the tariffs
Partial payment for each step separately available at 350 USD per step (standard)
1 500 USD
2 500 USD
14 500 USD
30 000 USD
128 hour of training
Coffee breaks
Online access to training materials
Bi-weekly group meetings, 1 year
Certificate (subject to passing the exam)
12 hours on job coaching
1 year personal coaching package
1-year personal coaching with Elmar Malikov
1-year accounting package
1-year legal support package
1 year networking package

Entrepreneurs are building this world. Your braveness is changing it for better. Get the needed knowledge, skills, networking, coaching and mentoring support from us.

Some of your trainers and coaches
Elmar Malikov
Entrepreneur,Trainer, coach, mentor
30 years entrepreneur experience. 27 year of trainer experience. Trainer of coaches, master-coach. Neuroliguistics master and trainer. Founder and CEO of EMC
Madinatul Fadhilah
International Lawyer, Government Relations, Business Development Expert
Lawyer with 10 years+ experience. Entrepreneur with severl ctive successful ventures. Leadership master and trainer.
Ivan Yudaev
Web, technology and design, blockchain expert
Ivan is part of several international projects, taking care of design and web development
Artem Kachkovsky
Operations expert
Artyom has been a trusted advisor for operational strategy and excellence for almost two decades in Europe, the Americas and Asia. He has worked with Industrial and Consumer Manufacturers, EPC, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical companies, Private Equity and financial services. Delivering operational strategy based on deep and thorough analysis and robust business cases, he has helped his clients improve performance, define footprints and make complex investment decisions. Those clients have included Private Equity firms, companies like Philips, ABB, Hitachi and many others.
George Wong
Blockchain expert
George Wong is the Founder of Gild Network, a blockchain advisory with affiliates and partners in Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Dubai & Cyprus. He's also the regional advisor for as well as upcoming payment & exchange solutions & security token offerings in the pipeline. Privately, he advises a few brick & mortar businesses and is working on building social enterprises with various partners. You can connect with him at
We have the unique opportunity to get the best international practice and knowledge right here in Indonesia. Join our training, join our family of entrepreneurs!
Madunatul Fadhilah
Madina & Associates
EMC exclusive partner in Indonesia
Крайне важно подобрать правильные визуальные элементы и словесные метафоры, чтобы найти общий язык с аудиторией.
Алексей Свиблов
Основатель Pic Pen studio
Самопрезентация - это почти искусство, которое помогает не только выразить свои идеи и намерения, но найти единомышленников.
Ольга Каплак
Продуктовый менеджер в Pixels
Contacts EMC Indonesia authorized partner - Madina & Associates
+62 (21) 2358 4790 |
Menara BCA 50th floor Jl. MH. Thamrin #1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
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