EMC coaches and partners network

We are interested in highest quality experts and organizations worldwide to give EMC services on the ground
We believe in coaching and advising. This belief is based as well on our own experience of communication with thousands of individual and business customers. People change their lives, become happier and more efficient… Business becomes more profitable, ecological, scales up, makes it through the imaginary or real "roof".

Humans are amazingly different. We only look similar. Each of us requires tailor made treatment. We have developed the methodic to fine-tune coaching and advising approach to each individual and team.

Business consists of people and when we talk business coaching we are still dealing with life coaching. Marketing, sales, prtnerships are just add-ons.

EMC main activities are:
- Business and executive coaching
- Business advising and consulting
- Life and transformational coaching
- Retreats
- Corporate training
- Coaches' education and development

EMC network worldwide consists of:
* professional coaches
* business experts, advisors
* partners, organizing EMC events on the ground

What you get as an EMC team coach / expert? We will expect you to handle our atvisory and coaching requests on the ground, in your location. The ones most suting your competence and preferences.
We collect and train best experts in our network. If you feel your values are similar to EMC ones, coaching is your passion, you are a certified professional coach - feel free to send us a reuest to jooin our team.

We are open for companies and corporations to join EMC network. Using EMC brand and expertise, you may arrange training for corporate customers, future coaches, master-classes for professional coaches in your territory. You might also bring customers from your territory to EMC interntional global events like retreats and conferences. Please upload corporate profile or send a link to your website

Those who are only preparing to become coaches are always welcome to join our coach educstion and certificstion programs. Please put this as a comment filling in the form below.
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